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Report - Woolwich Royal Military Academy, London, January 2015


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So this was the first of two sites visited today, another been wanting to do since down London.
Pretty much everything inside now has gone, full on building site. All the rooms/buildings around the back/outside bits hae been stripped and emptied and used for storing building materials. The main building and chapel are the same, not really much to see in here now. Glad we went but this wont be there for much longer before its all flats and houses...

Bit of history stolen from wiki and then the pics...

The Royal Military Academy Woolwich was founded in 1741: it was intended to provide an education and produce "good officers of Artillery and perfect Engineers".[1] RMA Woolwich was commonly known as "The Shop" because its first building was a converted workshop of the Woolwich Arsenal.[2]

A larger building was specially designed for the Royal Military Academy by James Wyatt, built between 1796 and 1805 and opened for use the following year.[3]

The Royal Military Academy Woolwich closed in 1939 and in 1947 the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst was formed on the site of the former Royal Military College, Sandhurst, which had previously only trained officers for the Infantry and Cavalry, with the objective of providing officer training for all arms and services.[4]

Durkan Group bought the Woolwich site by public tender in 2006.[3] The Woolwich buildings have since been converted and extended into 334 houses and apartments, including 150 for a housing association.[3]










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The library hasn't changed at all since 2007.

I surprised this site didn't get a lot more traffic, but then I suppose, why would it?

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