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Report - Workington ROC Post- Cumberland Group - 19.6.07


28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
ROC post 42 I think from whats left inside.

this post has been sealed up with original locks until recently, then it had aftermarket locks on, which weren't upto the job and chavvers have got in :wanker

they've scrolled the walls, bent the hatch a bit, and unless its soon locked up properly will prob burn it out, as its so close to a housing estate (got spotted by some woman in a house, who called police on us, but finished before they got here, so talked to said woman, who thought WE were trying to do something to it. In the end ended up breaking the news to her that her daughter is a crack head (stuff in post + her saying her daughter regulary went down there to 'play' :rolleyes:).

Anyway, enough blah, more...

you can almost see corus rail in this shot ;):D

shaggy taking an interest in all things underground (ish).

used to have a nice issue air raid siren, but alas, missing :(

well thats who to blame about the lame counterweight/head bashing device :rolleyes:

just a bit of harmless fun :eek:

if anyone knows how we can contact the owners I'd love to know, as I think this post needs sealing up to prevent further chavv'age, and the now bent hatch will be letting water in.

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