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Report - Workington Thirlmere Building - August 2014


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Hey guys,been a while!

After much scouring the inter web I can find literally nothing about the history of this building,I can tell you from what I found in there that it was a development agency (at time of death) assisting underprivileged people with CV's, job hunting, self development and skill-set development. If anyone happens to know more about this place than this I'd love to hear it! Built right adjacent to the old Corus rail works site (now where nothing but the CEW foundations exist)this building in its day would have had fantastic views out to sea, over the town and over the rail plant.

Building was quite empty, some places in a sorry state of disrepair, others looked like they'd just moved the computers out to hoover up. Office style block but had a few interesting bits and bobs so I'll keep it sweet:


Exterior 2

To be kept locked shut

Bucket room

Boiler room

Piggy in the dark

Closest thing to a functional desk

We were here


Safe m8

Obligatory roof shot (there was steps to it after all!)

Thanks for looking!
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