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Report - Worthen Farmhouse - Shropshire - December 2015

The Man In Black

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Id known about this place for a while and in December I would be passing this place for about the 4th time with Vulux so decide id better call in and see what all the fuss was about, well I had mixed feelings about the place there was some nice old items inside here but the place had definitely seen better days.

By the looks of it it was a little old woman who lived there last and had passed away in 2002, walking around the place there where really old tvs and radios, basically everything looked like it belonged in the 60s and most of the rooms in the house looked liked they hadnt been cleaned out since the 60s to as the place reminded me of what a hoarders house would look like.

Im also one for not spending hours moving stuff around to recreate shots and then hiding the stuff afterwards nearly everything in these pics where as I found them so someone else has placed these where they are, I went back a week later with another friend and found the place unrecognisable with things hidden in draws and in other rooms, I can understand people setting shots up but dont see the need to hide stuff afterwards.

The exterior wall has started to come away and the floors are sloping and rotting I dont think itll be too much longer before this place bites the dust.
















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The Man In Black

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28DL Full Member
You are going to need to update the title of this place....Farmhouse / Shropshire is not a suitable title.

We don't do code-names / vague titles on the site.
I honestly dont know what the farmhouse is called as far as I know its always been called vanity house and thats a code so I just called it farmhouse ill see if I can get anymore info


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wow, so much stuff!

exteterior shots please!


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Nice ones matey :thumb Staged or otherwise ;)

I"ve been in places with certain people who"ve locked the door in bedrooms and appear an hour later and there"s nothing visible inside when they"ve finished, but they"ve got enough shots to fill a years worth of Ideal Home magazine (I"m old :)

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