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Lead or Rumour info - wrexham tunnels again


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yo, i know their#s a lot of debate about these tunnels, now i can safely say they most definitely exist, trouble being is most are blocked off. still working on finding existing entrances but have come across one possibility. will involve getting wet. anyone else have an interest on this one?


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If I had a pound for every time this set of tunnels were put on here as a lead - well I'd have about a fiver - but I digress.

If you know how/where they are then get yourself down there and get a report up mate. :thumb


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28DL Full Member
Time to put your money where your mouth is mate.

If there is any truth to your lead ancientmental then get off your computer and go explore.

You are the one that is adamant that you know the truth about them - you could have had a look in the time you've spent posting about them here.

Time to MTFU and explore.


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28DL Full Member
no i couldn't have, i have a family and a business to run. if i had time i would've looked and posted. playing attention seeking emo brat is not my style thanks. when i get time, i will go. the suggestion was so if anyone was in the area, they could have a look and they would have a better camera than me by far. paul powers, there is only two tunnels from the church, one of them splitting into two, and one of them splitting into two again before they head towards the building they exit at or pass