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Report - - WW2 Bomb Store, Thurleigh, Bedfordshire Jan 07 | Military Sites |

Report - WW2 Bomb Store, Thurleigh, Bedfordshire Jan 07

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Jon P

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
taken last week as i needed a walk to clear my head,
used to ride round it lots when a bit younger, its pretty big considering its actual size, was used to store bombs etc for some of the local airfields, mainly Thurleigh and twinwoods.

not much there in the way of buildings, as the pictures will show, but there are fenced off areas in the woods that contain mustard gas:eek: the RAF came many years ago to tidy it up....they "worked" for best part of two years, but nothing much has changed up there, if only for more areas to be fenced off.:confused: not sure what or where this cable goes too, starts off at one of the huts/containers


the weirdest thing i found in the undergrowth/old fenced off area that has fallen down was this small water feature.

only real building in the woods, unsure of its original purpose, if indeed it had one, now used to store shoot and pheasant breeding stuff






lots of hard standing areas in the woods like this