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Lead or Rumour info - WW2 Tank Maintenance Bay ?

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im not sure if anyone can help but iv been having a discution with some of the chaps in the Defence Structures Group and we cant decide what this is so here is a link to the video that i posted on You Tube if anyone could have a look and if you want to maybe share it with anyone you think might know i would be gratefule


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There's a few on Salisbury plain, one in particular is the only remnant of a whole barracks. May not be specifically 'maintenance' though, could be a wash-down point. Maintenance would more than likely be in a workshops.


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Interesting stuff!
I have some pictures of a tank maintenance bay in Codford, unfortunately i don't have the ability to post them here.
There is also Facebook group about WW2 military buildings if your into FB


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It's very similar to a temporary open storage dump for ammunition/fuel (The item is placed between the two walls which are designed to contain a blast). These temporary dumps are used on ranges when the ammunition is dropped nearby for easy access as the range is ongoing and is not meant as a long term storage solution. Check if there where any ranges nearby.

It's hard to tell but if that's a trench near the start of the video, it could also be (Though less likely) a grenade training facility which comprises of two blast walls and a trench. If the throwing individual cocks up and throws the pin (Seen it happen MANY times) or something equally stupid the instructor and trainee can be dragged round the wall that offers the safest side of protection.