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Report - WW2 underground flour mill

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I believe we have a video section for these. Do you have any photos & a history, as that is what we expect as a report. Or history, photos and video added in as optional extra. As many on here dont watch videos. :thumb

Bertie Bollockbrains

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This is in Malta and is one of 8 that was built on that island. They were built in the 1950s as a Cold War precaution. I have a comprehensive report somewhere in here (dated 2015) that documents my attempts to get into all of them (I managed 3). I assume that this one is at Siggiwei as that one is always open.
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Very interesting, the whole place must have been belt driven, one or two engines driving the whole shebang.
Interesting, the only criticism I have is if shooting video, slow down my head is spinning the camera is moving too fast, slow it down. :-)