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Report - Wykeham ROC Post - (Yorkshire Group) - December 2011


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This post really upset me. It has been totally ruined. It had, at one time been restord. The FSM dome used to permanently in place. The Aircraft post had a roof. The compund was clean and tidy. According to Subbrit - there was new telegraph poles and there was a phone connection. Now, this is not the case.

Subbrits photo from June 2000

December 2011

Overgrown. The telegraph pole has vanished.


The roof has gone on the post.


Luckilly, the instrument mount remains.


This box, which probablys housed phone connections and electricity has been ripped open and stipped.

In general, the aircraft post doesnt have a door anymore, doesnt have a roof and has been set on fire.

Now onto the monitoring post....


It is clear someone has once cared for this post - the extra security fitted on the hatch etc etc. What annoyed me is that whoever nicked the fsm dome didnt even bother putting the blanking plate back on top.

Subbrits Photo from 2000

Now onto the inside. The post wasnt locked and as soon as i opened the hatch - i could smell what had happened inside. Fire.


Everything destroyed.


Only a chair, a small cardboard box on a shelf and a charred can of glitto remain. There was white dust around the exterior of the vent shafts which i take to be from the polestyrene tiles. The monitoring room door has been smashed open, making it impossible to move and gain access to the store.

MarkR's report from 2007 and 2009 can be seen HERE.

This post has once been someones pride and joy and i dont understand how it has gotten like this. It is miles away from houses and at the end of a dead end road. The owner may have died for all we know. if i lived closer i would deffo attempt to restore it.



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What a shame, problem is, with all the mindless idiots around today, I'm NOT surprised!
It's got nothing to so with 'nowadays'. A huge amount of posts were like this back when Nick Catford surveyed them all.

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