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Report - Yeshiva in Hertfordshire - August 2019


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This is the first place I've been to that hasn't already had a tone of reports for it. So it's my first proper upload.

A little bit of history
Founded in the late 80s and following the Ashkenazi Orthodox rituals, back in its hay day the boarding school hosted around 200 students.
After a safety inspection in 2002 the school was ordered to close. The charity commission wrote;

“To my layman's eyes it seemed like a death trap. Conditions were shocking. We saw very little in the way of fire safety equipment or fire safety instruction. We did see a broken glass panel in a door, cracked floor tiles just waiting for someone to trip on them, bare wires and emergency lights dangling precariously from the ceiling. I'm no expert but I wouldn't want to send my own kids there”

Looking at the pictures you can see the main site has two differently aged buildings. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any information regarding the dates the building were built, but the original state was built prior to 1918, I found a sales document for this date. And I assume the newer building was built in the 1990’s/2000's.

So the day starting with a lovely walk in the country side, attempting to convince my friends that I knew where I was going, needless to say my navigation skills managed to get us there.
We first started looking around the older of the building, nothing much to say really, it was pretty dark inside and very damp. The structural integrity of the building was pretty poor, and being a reckless type, I had a couple of near misses on the upper floor. Ironically we found a load of fire extinguishers though….

After a look around the older building, we headed out the back had a look at the swimming pool and had a play on the tire swing… as you do.
We then ventured into the newer of the building, which turned out to be a dormitory. Loads of empty dorm rooms, a dinning area and loads of security camera that were still on.

Whispers on the wind were saying there were squatters still living here, we didn’t come across anyone, but wondering around the dorms we spotted fresh food, in date milk (the labels were in Hebrew) and fresh laundry handing up to dry. We reckon they were partly staying here for the Mikveh (a bath used for rituals).

On our way out after contemplating why there were a load of shoes hanging from a tree…. we realized there was a building tucked out the way which turned out to be the highlight of the explore.

It was a splendid building inside, complete with a beautiful altar, a hidden safe and a library full of books. We’re still confused about the light up cellos/violins though. The pictures really don't do it justice.

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Is this still abbandoned do you know ?

dave 313

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Hey guys, believe it or not, I actually AM a student of this place.
recently ended my studying session over there.
okay... so first of all: it's NOT haunted. it's used nearly the entire year.
second of all: it's perfectly legal. Various inspections are a normal occurrence, like any other high school and collage.
how it's legal: the old building in it's crumbling state, isn't in use, as per fire regulations; entry is illegal, as it's extremally unsafe. (take my word... tried & tested...:)) HOWEVER, the ground floor, is, in fact still open and legal, and partially -yes- actively used.
the newer extension -which isn't old at all- is the main building. Yiddish is spoken there as a first Lang, But it's all English. regarding the mixed reactions some might have experienced, it's actually surprising when anyone pops up, as it's in quite far from the nearest town, and visitors are hardly -if ever- seen, except the few local farmers and the postmaster...

Yeah... the 'old man' is the headmaster, for some reason he's not to happy finding unexpected visitors on his property...