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Report - Yesterdays Night Club - Alderley Edge - Nov 12


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Yesterdays Nightclub - Alderley

Yesterdays sits just outside Wilmslow, on the main road to the affluent village of Alderley Edge.

The Club was known locally as The Edge, although it had many name changes along the way including, The Lizard, Purple Doors and most recently, Yesterdays.

It became popular with many local sportsmen and celebrities, most notibly ex Manchester United defender, and drinking legend, Paul Mcgrath.
In it's heyday they hosted gala evenings, and also became the areas only lap-dancing club.

The grandiose past of the club is still in evidence, from the baby grand piano in the basement bar, to the cherrub fountain in the courtyard, which was home to several expensive Koi Karp. To the rear of the club is a large two floor annexe which overlooks it's own large pond, with gardens that slope into a now overgrown small lake.

Planning permission was declined in September 2011 for a 68 room hotel with bistro and spa, but the club now sits in good company, overlooking the recently abandoned County Hotel pub.





Aaaarrrggghh..look at me I'm yellow !


Good to see the staircase is still intact, same can't be said for most of the floor though !



Downstairs bar with smashed up baby grand piano


Groundfloor bar, the colour choices in here are seriously eye-watering



Obligatory peeling wallpaper shot from the annexe


Tesco's is 3 miles away, who brought this...and why ? and did they throw it over the fence ?


This place is falling apart a a rapid rate, but it's still worth a wander..Thanks for looking :thumb



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I drive past this place almost everyday wile working and have always looked at it like "hmm, i need to go in there some time!" but have never gotten around to it.
I will have to check this place out any tips about this place I should know about?

Great pics by the way!


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So I was passing by and thought I would go have a look. It looks like you went and explored at the perfect time because they're knocking it down!! :(
Sad times.




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I drove past there today and thought it looked like some of it was missing haha bet the locals will be glad to see the back of that... need to get rid of the County Hotel next :)

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