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Ryan Kendra

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28DL Full Member
I'm new to this website and new to the urban exploring gig so I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any thing to go to that's derelict or abandoned in York


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Yes I'd say sarcasm was intended.

Last time I looked Terry's main building was wrapped in scaffold and redevelopment was in full swing. That's got to be 5 months back now.

Use the search box on here to find stuff that's local to your area. Your best bet however is your own curiosity. Get out on foot and find something new. If it looks abandoned go for it. You might just find the next tourist spot in York.

Then I'm pretty sure sarcasm will turn into private messages asking "can I have access details please".

Good luck.


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I can't tell if you're being sarcastic
Everyone is sarcastic on here! Terry's Chocolate Factory has been a mainstay on the exploring circuit for a long time. Tap York into the search box at the top of the page and you'll find the chocolate factory, and plenty of others. But head over to Google to do a bit of research, and just have a look around yourself; you'll know your home town better then anyone else, and finding new sites is much more rewarding.


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There's definitely a few half decent places in York worth taking a look at :) have a look on the forum and as others have said get out and have a look you'll be suprised what you come across

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As said, try the search box. I just came up with 20 pages with the reference York, some of them will still be doable. Get yourself out and have a look about too, leg work hasn't killed anyone :thumb


The Scho
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We tried nestle last week you get into the grounds without climbing but you really need to look . Once inside the grounds you would have to break in , massive no no .

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