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Report - - Yorkshire chemicals Hunslet road, shed 17 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Yorkshire chemicals Hunslet road, shed 17

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28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
After a good look round most of the Kirkstall road site, me, dempsey and theloon had a quick look round the Hunslet road site. This is the more modern of the two sites and apparantly a few million was spent upgrading it a few years before the site closed in October 2004.
We only got round one building on site, Shed 17.

On entry we headed for the stairs, this is fairly dangerous staricase as many of the handrails are missing or unsafe. Great care is needed inside this building, there are many falling hazards where things have been removed leaving holes in the floor that leave long drops. A night time explore isn't really recomended.


Views from the roof;



Refrigeration plant


Part of the refrigeration plant controls, extensive use of industrial computing on this site


Inside shed 17's main control room, we found a large PLC system and a PC was proably also here once given the quantity of computer books. Also, some drager bits which were used in detectors for ammonia and suphuric acid.


One flloor of the building just had loads of mixing/ agitator/ reation vessels (whichever?) this one had, amongst other things, sodium hydroxide and hydrocloric acid going in. Other ingredients going in to these vessels where sulphuric acid, ice and stream.


looking through the inspection hatch of one of the vessels. The tiled surface maybe gives some idea of how potent the chemicals were.


The steel wire is cable armouring someone has thrown down there while stripping cables for copper.