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Report - - Yorkshire chemicals, Leeds, YCl. 08/07/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Yorkshire chemicals, Leeds, YCl. 08/07/07

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The Human Turbine.
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After a long night out with saxofilis and the loon doing some smalls ites (crane and reccies), and after a week of pre-planning, we headed for YLC leeds, arriving in leeds at around 12.

Even from the road i was surprised at the size of the site (excluding site 2 'down the road'). We spent around 8 hours there in total there. A lot of slow, but, extremely enjoyable exploring. It may be trashed, but the stuff you can find is really interesting, its like they upped of and left everything; books and furniture everywhere.

Quite a few highlights on this explore for us, in our first building, we seen the 'security guard' throwing bricks through some of the windows for fun, and at the end in site 2 i almost fell through the ceiling, i emphasis extra caution on some of the floors, holes covered in wires and cable with a drop of up to 3 floors! Luckily i only fell in with one leg :D

anyway i will cut the crap, no editing on the shots as usual, sorry for the amount, but i feel this place needs more coverage before it gets completely wrecked.

Our starting place, a now, silent workshop.

Just before we had out little encounter with 'security'

From the workshops (engineering, plumbing etc.) wewent across to the ovens, with new grafiti, but still had loads of interesting things to prod around in

It was the offices which i found most relaxing, loads of stuff to read, mybe a bit boring, but a nice rest it was.

From the roof of the offices and canteen, i was impressed by the loons invention for gaining access to the roof

...back down the stairs and though more offices

and, back through the ovens...

We decided to have abreak at this point, and gain access to the opposite side of the site, but with different access, due to security being in the middle of our venture.

I found this part really interesting, with some packaging lines untouched :crazy


Up the stairs...probably the most enjoyable part of the explore for me.



...and more of the things, couldnt get rid of the flare with the hood on, so i took it of and used it, to hopefully, my advantage.


I guess where more silos used to be.

Couldnt resist a group shot in this part :p (the loon, me and saxofilis.)


Yes, i actually put the timer on for this one, sad, but fun.


loon looking focused


Finally, this is the only shot i got from Site 2 (down the road) due to batteries dieing, oh well always got time for it again :thumb

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the loon

:thumb what an excelent night :thumb
Sights where top class even tho they have had a nasty attack of the pikey's :mad:

Loads to see and plenty to cover over the 48 hours I took about 250 pics , got thru 2 sets of batteries 6 boosts half a doz pro-plus(shared with Dempsy and Saxofilis)1 and a half packets of haribo's a KFC bargin bucket(again shared) far to many ciggerets,1 ham sandwich and £45 of petrol :crazy
YC is aantaic sigh f ou like industrial stuff as has something to offer everyone from the offices to the actual sheds.
Again tho as dempsy's said I wouldnt advise going at night. Theres far to many small ankle breaker holes in the floor plus some of the bigger ones go down thru 3 floors.
The main worry is the pikey/chav quota as we saw a few hanging around the general area including one guy who walked past us a couple of times when we where parked up at sight 1. TBH I was expecting to come back and find the car gone or looted but thankfully it didnt happen.The other worry was saw a fair few dirty syringes left lying about which could seriosly harm the incautious

Get in there quick thou as I dont think it will stay this nice for long as its in a prime spot for redevelopment.

plumbers workshop

sparkys workshop featuring Dempsey

found a big box of old pictures of which this was my favorite

Dempsey has a break

security hut

Dempsey's falulence earned him this one

shooting in the labs

still loads more to post as well but will wait a bit now


The Human Turbine.
28DL Full Member
Well it was time for another vivist (the next day hehe) me Saxo and saxo met Geordi in leeds, and did the first site, doing the bits we missed the previous day.

Thought its worthwhile uploading more pics to cover this site before it gets well and truly wrecked.

Once again, a awesome place to explore....



The chemical labs, still filled with samples etc.


...and geordie


We did the second site, i wil put a link for that report in the near future. :thumb
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