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Your all-time favourite Photograph


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taken 2012 and pretty shit photos compared to most peeps on here ..
The thread isn't about showcasing anyones photographic ability .......just YOUR favourite

(There is a 'general' photo thread as well for images that don't really make up enough for a report but are otherwise relevant.)


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You'll only ever find me around buses and trains. This shot is from Lydney where the guard dog and I came to a mutual understanding.
The 3 half cab double deckers are believed to be - previous registration numbers in brackets – BSR 168B (21 ACD) LSK 138 (NMN 361, 567 GVY) and WCD 51.
The open top bus wrongly carries the number 5008 CD on the radiator, and unfortunately pictures of it on the internet have been attributed to this registration number.
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