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Question - Your ideal Level of decay?


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I thought this might be a question worth asking as i imagine it varies person to person.

on a scale of One (practically a ruin) to ten (doesn't even look abandoned) where would your ideal condition building fall?

Personally i quite enjoy something between 4-6 with a quite serious amount of decay but not to the point where the building becomes incredibly unsafe but also something that has a large level of natural decay (and maybe even abit of graff if its done right).

Also feel free to Post pictures as well. :thumb


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I'll let photos do the talking. Advanced natural decay is where it's at, where you can see things have fallen apart over time with little to no human influence.



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I'm quite a fan of untouched stuff personally, but just as long as the place is actually abandoned with some level of decay.
Not like those morons on Facebook going to national heritage manor museums with pristine driveways and working websites, been happening too much recently