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Your views on asbestos..


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Over the past couple of years we've explored a few places that potentially had asbestos, we did not wear masks when we explored, but were very careful to not touch or disturb anything, but simply look and take photos.

Over the past year I've developed bad health anxiety, and this has been something that plays on my mind, in the future I will find myself a decent mask for my own peace of mind.

But in your opinions, is the potential exposure enough to warrant a mask for visits? Do you ever find yourself concerned over it? Would these possible exposures be enough to be hazardous on your health?

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Funnily enough I have just sat my asbestos awareness course. Potentially ever building in the UK pre-2000 has asbestos in it - floors, walls, insulation, cladding, roofs, paint coatings gaskets and seals to name a few places. There's constant asbestos fibres in the air we breath as that much was used in buildings.

However as long as it's not disturbed it doesn't pose a serious problem. I'm always wary in old boiler houses especially if the metal thieves have been stripping lagging to get to the metal pipes. Was recently in a hospital that the metal thieves has pulled every cable out the walls, floors and roof, the positive side if there was any asbestos in any of that they had also popped the water pipes so everything was saturated.

Personally I wouldn't be concerned at all, as long as you don't go throwing fibrous stuff around or kicking up huge amounts of dust. I know there is a lump of asbestos in the back wall of my house, from my window I can see 3 garages with asbestos roofs and know there is some in an old mill about 50 meters away. I also come across the stuff most days at work, HSE requirements to work in these areas is do not disturb the stuff.

A P3 paper mask is adequate, but how far do you go? If you are breathing fibres in they are also getting on your clothes, hair and any kit you have taken in. Strip off after an explore and put clothes in a sealed bag to dispose of, have a shower, needs to be done at the site otherwise you contaminate your car too, quarantine your equipment until an expert cleans it and says it safe to use.

Asbestos shouldn't be underestimated, however if you're not daft and avoid disturbing it I'm still happy to explore.
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Like TLR said unless your going through a full decontamination process,it will be on your boots/clothes/gloves bags hair etc etc etc


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There was an article published a while ago about the substantial differences between white and blue asbestos. Blue is the really nasty one, where as white is no more harmful than any other kind of fibrous dust. Certainly to be avoided if possible, but I think there is a lot of hype and I think fortunes have been made off the back of removing "big six" asbestos garages and the like off the back of a buzz word.

Having said that I'm no expert, and I am fully aware that I may very well die of a horrible respiratory disease, but hey I don't think any cause of death is going to be enjoyable!


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,this may be the article Dweeb refers to, it was posted up on here and talked about before:

But basically as TLR says.

My view is in future wear a mask to reduce exposure, but be aware you cant eliminate it so dont over stress on it (so I dont dispose of my clothes, but I do wash them before wearing them again). Same goes to other dusty locations really, other dust isnt too good for you either, especially in large doses.


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To be on the safe side I usually take a spray water bottle to dampen the area. Take a few steps.......spray,......few steps......spray. You get the idea. It keeps the asbestos dust down to minimum, but unfortunately I have to wipe my camera with a dry cloth frequently.


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Thank you for your replies guys, it's genuinely sent my anxiety into overdrive since I went to Bourton Mill just over a week ago, I know the place has definite asbestos, but we were very careful with what we touched and at the time we went it was evening, dark and everything was already freezing, in some places the floor was ice. So I'm guessing that lessens potential exposure?


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^stop worrying about the past. I can guarantee that since then you have had more quantity and more harmful carcinogens than what you got that day from the mill, from the food you have eaten, from passive smoking, from traffic pollution,from background radiation. Its simply not worth worrying about the past.

That said, less carcinogenesis is a good thing so when you go back wear a mask, and improve your diet. but most of all, enjoy life.


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Depends how you want to lead your life. You could say Asbestos is nothing to worry about or you could say its one of lots of things you should be worrying about depending on how anal you want to get about 'risk' and 'health'. One thing that will always be true however is that blue asbestos is only one of many many bad things you can come into contact with while exploring that are supposedly deadly carcinogens and give you horrid diseases. Try avoiding pigeon poop, transformer oil, radon gas, raw sewage, lead paint etc etc.


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Even discounting exploring, any Artex ceilings applied during the 70's to 80's has asbestos in it. If you cut or drill through it your meant to cover everything in the house with sheeting and damp down the area to be cut with shaving foam or summit like that. Then you have to use a rated vacuum cleaner to hoover up the mess. Bollox to that I say.


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My view on asbestos is be aware of it and where you might find it, but don't get too paranoid about it.


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After spending a few weekends in a Coal & Metal dust rich environment, i"m more concerned about that than any Azzy filled buildings i"ve been in so far.

As we should know, all dusts or fibres should really be avoided wherever possible, & if you put yourself at a higher risk by entering places you know contain higher levels of carcinogens, then a FFP3 mask is lets face it a minimum requirment, and at @ £2 from Screwfix there is no reason not to have been wearing them from day 1

But you"re gonna die eventually, i wouldn"t worry about it ;)

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Our schools, houses and workplaces were filled with the stuff in the good old days, and everyone hasn't dropped down dead since.
Worrying about it too much will be more harmful to your health.