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Report - Ysgol Cae Top - Upper Bangor - March 2020


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Ysgol Cae Top - Upper Bangor - March 2020

This is my first report!

Dating back to 1871, the old site of Ysgol Cae Top has been abandoned in the middle of Upper Bangor since the school moved to new premises in 2009. At the time of closure there were plans to turn the site into residences but the poor access halted them. Later there were plans for a care home but again the access was found to be an issue especially in case of emergency.

We entered the main building and found ourselves in a classroom. There wasn’t much left in terms of furniture but there were books strewn all over the floor. The rest of the main building was in a similar state and very damp due to the lack of roof now. In one of the old toilets we found a coat still on one of the hooks, and in the the other we found a beer keg which seemed very out of place!

Leaving the main building we came out onto the old playground. From here we entered the old canteen. Again there wasn’t a lot left apart from a few benches and tables and some metal kitchen surfaces. We also found food delivery records dating back to 1996.

From here we crossed the playground into what was the best preserved building. A single classroom with a toilet and office, not much had been touched and there was no water damage. We even found a cake still in the wrapper hidden in a desk draw in the office!

The fourth and final building was the hardest to enter but also the most bare and most water damaged. In all honesty this was the only building not worth exploring as water coming in through the roof had ruined what little was left behind in it.

Overall it was a fun explore as certain areas had barely been touched. The coolest find was probably a register from 13th July 2009, the last week the school was open.















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Nice 1st report, welcome to 28dl, I like that date stamp and stone work shot, and some nice natural decay around.


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Nice report, will have to pay it a visit as I only live down the road. I hope the white van is your vehicle.
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Awesome! I'll have to pay this a visit next time I'm in the area.


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as everyone else said, great first report! Not heard of this site before so well done for getting out there to somewhere a lot of us haven't! :thumb

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