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Report - Ystrad Einon Copper Mine

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History directly from TheTimeChamber

Ystrad Einon Copper Mine is an unusual mine situated in Mid-Wales, as the lode is outside of the main seam. Development of the mine did not start until the late 19th century, when a 25 metre winze was sunk. An underground water wheel was installed within the confines of the mine, and this allowed for the mine to be sunk by a further 25 meters. The mine was continually expanded, and a 60 metre engine shaft was sunk, and a 1.5 mile waterway was constructed to bring water to the new 22.5 foot wheel.
The mine was to not to prove as productive as originally through, and only 64 tonnes of various ores were extracted. The mine was eventually close at the turn of the 20th century. Since then, it has lain forgotten and classified as an ancient scheduled monument. The underground water wheel is one of only two surviving underground wheels in the country, with the other being in Cumbria.
The lower levels are all flooded, leaving shafts of deep water, and of course the waterwheel. I've seen plenty of pictures but it's something else to actually see this underground...







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