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Report - Zanzibar, Newcastle Under Lyme - July 2015


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Be honest mate, they're pissed off because you drank that bottle of Moet ;)

No sign of the dance hall days then?


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Another epic club from you @GRONK m8ty Seems you love finding these gems lmao. Bloody good report and nice pics m8ty.


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That really is something else, I honestly can't imagine them being able to redo the building unless they have a lot of time and money. Would it even be worth doing that anyway, clubs and pubs don't seem as popular as they were...


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It's a dream tbh, it's too far gone and the days of this type of club are long gone. It will be demolished and flats before long.....


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nice report mate, Love that theyre kicking off messaging the site lol
Cheers mate,

Haha yea, I've never known anyone get as worked up as that woman. I still think it'll be no more then a dream, the place was full of damp and the basement was flooded. Not to mention the crumbling brick work on the top floor. :(