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Report - Zarnowiec, POLAND, winter 2009

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Info from Wikipedia:

The Żarnowiec Nuclear Power Plant was supposed to be the first nuclear power plant in Poland. Due to changes in the economical and political situation in Poland after 1989, as well as public protests in the late 1980s and early '90s which escalated in the wake of the Chernobyl disaster, the construction was canceled.

More history here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Żarnowiec_Nuclear_Power_Plant

Pictures from anti-zarnowiec protests:



More pics here: http://www.fmw.org.pl/index.php?option=27&gal_id=65&menu_id=610&page=291

Cloakroom buildings:





They didn't really get far with the construction, but that's what I liked about this place. The architecture was completely abstract: canals instead of corridors, unfinished walls, strange water tanks – looking at it you had no idea what all that was supposed to be. Really strange place, I liked it a lot.









View from one of the floodlight towers (as seen in pic 7).


The security there is really relaxed, almost non-existent but when I climbed this tower it was too much even for them. Some time later a car arrived and they told us to get the hell out.

We went to the other side of the lake to check Nadole – a huge derelict hotel building that used to host the builders of the power station and was planned to be an accommodation to future workers. Sadly it's completely trashed now, not much to see really. It's been completely gutted, even doors and windows and were nicked.




Amazingly it still has one last resident, who we met. He's name is Leon and he used to work in a laboratory there. He still lives there among all this destruction, with no water, heating or electricity and with local chavs roaming the building. He told us some stories about the times when the hotel was still open. He was spoke of it as of some workers' paradise:

“You could sort out all of your daily businesses without taking your slippers off. You could walk down the corridors and that place had everything: shops, a dining room, a social space with a cinema, a dentist, a gym, a darkroom. When the construction was stopped 4 thousand residents of the hotel were left without work or perspectives. After 2 weeks of drinking the money was gone, after a month stocks of food in the stores run out. A housing association was soon set up and over the following years they tried to at least cover the costs of heating and electricity. But soon more and more “friends of friendsâ€￾ started to move in and they didn't pay for anything. After the media had been cut off people started to move out, some of them taking window frames or even walls with them. Bricks could be sold on the market or people used them building their own houses. Metal thieves were using grinders to cut out even the columns supporting the ceilings in some of the rooms.â€￾

Really strange guy, he didn't look like your typical homeless person. He was clean shaved and more or less properly dressed. We didn't dare to ask him why he ended up like this.

Today there's nothing left to steal in Nadole, but the place has become popular with paintballers. You can see an example here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTf68WGh50Q

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