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Report - Zeche Hugo - Germany - August 2013


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Zeche Hugo

Visited with member Chaos and Markymark


Zeche Hugo is a former coal mine in western Germany established in 1873, the mine continued to operate until 2000 at which time the coal seam had been almost fully exploited. At its height in the 1960's it employed 5000 miners and excavated 3.5 million tons of coal a year. It operated out of 8 shafts and eventually reached a depth of 1200 meters.

Zeche Hugo is famous for it's large hall of 'bird cages', officially known as 'Kaue', they were used to hold workers clothing and possessions during they're shifts. As the mine worked into the latter half of the 20th century a large proportion of the workforce consisted of immigrants mostly of Turkish descent.


The day was a hot day and I'm not a massive fan of the heat, I can't seem to get away from it. As per usual dark clothing mostly black was the attire of the day which made matters worse. We parked up and headed over to what was probably the easiest entrance into a derp ever. Open door....thanks I will! We waltzed on in and stopped dead, we could hear music playing from a radio somewhere close by, we cracked on regardless as quietly as possible and pushed on into the main hall where the bird cages are. As quietly as possible we set up and started taking pictures, as we all know the clang of a tripod or the crunch of broken glass travels a mile in the quiet and sounds ten times louder than usual and considering someone else was definitely in the building somewhere we made that little extra effort to keep quiet.
I managed to clamber up to get a better shot of the room when all of a sudden we heard a shout in a German voice, I slipped back through a gap and saw Chaos and Markymark shuffle off then into a sprint away down a stairwell to a pre planned window exit, I was on my own so tried to leg it and ended up going round in circles trying to find an exit and avoid the Germans, Chaos and Markymark ended up crossing paths with the workers who turned out to be alright when they explained what we were doing. I on the other hand had no clue what was going on until I got a text from Chaos saying they were out, I managed to find an exit and legged it out.

In all honesty I was expecting a little bit more from this place, I had images in my head before we got there of chains, cages and Pin Head from Hellraiser, all we got was hot, sweaty and disappointment. Still.... an explore is an explore and another box ticked.

We had a chat about the workers and planned our next explore, we took a slow mooch back to the car and off.









Thanks for looking​
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