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Report - - Zeus Nightclub, Chelmsford (formerly The Pavilion/Select cinema) - 14/06/07 | Leisure Sites |

Report - Zeus Nightclub, Chelmsford (formerly The Pavilion/Select cinema) - 14/06/07

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Dead Calm

Well, I know it's been done a couple of times recently, but as I was on my way home from London with my camera in my bag and I had to walk past it on the way out of town, it seemed rude not to... ;)

A random website says:
The Pavilion in Rainsford Road was popular. With its highly decorated facade, it opened in 1920 during the silent film era. This cinema closed in June1988 and stood empty until it was converted to Laser Quest Game Centre, then Zeus nightclub.

A BBC website has its history as follows:
The Odeon Cinema - Many years ago, Chelmsford had two cinemas, one called the Pavilion (which subsequently became a Laser Zone type of place, and is now the Zeus nightclub), and a single-screen Odeon. The Odeon closed, and then the Pavilion closed but was replaced by another cinema, called the Select. When that closed, Chelmsford was left for some considerable time with a grand total of no cinemas. However, this rather plush, modern, clean, state-of-the-art four-screen Odeon opened up a few years ago.

That's slightly out of date now as it's been closed for a few months (maybe even a year+ ??). I remember going there to see Disney version of Beauty and the Beast or maybe Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs when I was about 6 I think? :eek:

I also remember a few good nights in there more recently :eek: lol
As mentioned in the other threads about it, the foam party was good! :D

Anyway, some of these are reeeeally dark I'm afraid :eek: :( I need a more powerful torch or a better camera! If you're reading this late in the evening though, they should come out if you have the lights off :p lol

Middle-floor bar



This is the smashed plaster zeus waterfall :(

Very top dance area bit

Note to self: Don't let the stupid, cheap mini-tripod-thing you're using topple over, sending your camera bouncing down a flight of stairs... :eek: :rolleyes:

Pikeys looking for copper in the roof space :rolleyes:

Another one of the smashed neon light things

Obligatory safe shot :p

Takings / outgoings?

Really random mural in the "hidden rooms" bit at the very top - presumably what would have been the projector room when it was a cinema.
(Crap photo I'm afraid :eek: but I was holding the door open with my foot while trying to reach the camera on the shelf behind me, focus and get the shot at full stretch lol)

Shot of the middle floor from the top floor

the downstairs bar - spot the pikeys work :rolleyes:

Oh, and one small thing...

asbestos - is it sparkly when the board stuff is broken? My throat was a bit weird and dry when I came out...