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Report - Zigzagging the CTRL, Sellindge area - July 2011


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Deep in the Kent countryside between Sellindge and Westenhangar, the East Stour River winds its way in and under the Channel Tunnel Rail Link, Mainline and M20. Most of the time it passes through very similar, stoopy little box section culverts, never much more than 100 yards long.


There are, however, a couple of longer tunnels where the Stour passes beneath both the CTRL and the mainline in one go, giving a little bit of variety. They are though, in places, extremely silty and very hard going - lots of effort for very little return. Waders are essential, as is a full size tripod - at one point the silt was up to my knees, not a pleasant feeling...


Entrance to the Box Culvert section passing beneath the CTRL


Strange using a telephoto lens whilst exploring! Half way through the box section finishes against the original bridge section beneath the mainline. A ladder in the left hand corner leads up to an inspection chamber by the side of the CTRL - not to be recommended when a Eurostar or Javelin comes though...


Looking back to the entrance...


...then ahead to the exit. Staying close to the edge made going much easier, but was a bugger on the ankles.


It's then just a case of following the river back between high banks to the main road.

Nothing stunning I'll agree, but the effort required justified putting some pics up! All in all, a pleasant summer evening's wander.

Thanks for looking...