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Report - Zollverein and Furst Leopold coal mines/colliery's/coking plant



so i went to both today. they are located in central germany and about 20km from each other.
zollverein mine/colliery/coking plant has been heritage listed by unesco. more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zollverein_Coal_Mine_Industrial_Complex

furst leopold is a mine/colliery

ok so zollverein; well i heard there is a museum there and i knew it would be somewhat spoiled by disturbing the site but the museum is quite small. of course you have to pay and i wasnt going to start climbing things in the middle of the day, but i had good a good chance to look around. alot of stuff is fenced off, but only by fencing which has no barbed wire and is easy to climb. it seems with a small amount of climbing most of the stuff could be accessed for the coal mine side of things. as for the coking plant well that would be a piece of piss to get into, and looks like it contains quite a bit of good stuff. i managed to get into on of the big conveyors with no probs at all. the only cameras i saw were at the start of the escalators leading to the musuem. theres heaps to explore and the site covers 14acres.








furst leopold mine/colliery; it has been closed for a number of years but looks like someone is still doing some type of work there (i should prob google it) as the main shaft and adjacent yard is fenced off (same type of fence as at zollverein). there are 2 new large exhaust fans (1 operating 1 spare) and from the smell of the air coming out it is ventilation for the shaft/s.
anyway there are some security guards who were in their hut which controls vehicles in and out but doesnt have a window facing the plant. i walked around like i was meant to be there and the only thing i was taking was photos, so i figure i could have talked my way out of it. plenty of buildings/conveyors/tanks/gas,power supplies to check out as well as the mine shaft itself, pity i couldnt go down there. found an interesting tunnel, that had 1 mine cart track and lead into an underground space under a large building, my guess was it was used as a lab to test random batches of coal removed from the mine. i only had my torch on my phone which is more of a back up back up light lol. so couldnt go too far but super keen to check it out in the not to distant future.








so if anyone is heading over this way before the end of june and wants to come for a look one night let me know (im only a new member so i dont even think i can scratch my ass with permission yet so no pm's etc)

apologies for some of the pics, i dont have a tripod and must cam skills arent the best