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Report - Zuby Fashions, Manchester, - Nothern Trip Part 6 (October 2013)


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Northern Trip Part 6 – Zuby Fashions (Manchester)

So, continuing to try and cheer myself up; I went on a long awaited Northern Tour with my close friend TBM. After replacing his rig he very kindly gave me his now not needed Sigma 10-20 lens.

Unfortunately we did not notice until the last moment that this lens had a slight fault with the mount, causing some focussing issues in many of my photos. But I didn’t let this dampen my trip.

What a weekend, I have got some serious photos and experiences from this under my belt now and I hope you enjoy.

So here we go, time for one more before my 200 mile drive back South. We got up early in a shower of rain and bussed to this site. This whole blocked contained various different businesses all clothing firms, with the last closing in 2009, and information of some remaining derelict since 1997.

The site was trashed and ripped apart; there was a builder there who was doing a bit of work for the owner who told me that the last guy was closed down because he was copying Nike clothes. Very little remains in this filthy old block and its soon going to be converted.

My Lens was really struggling, but thankfully it has now been repaired!

So concludes a fantastic weekend up North. I only have Tom to thank for amazing hospitality and being a great guide. The grim north certainly has more derelict potential than the South!










Thanks everyone.

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