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Report - Zurich House, Portsmouth, Sep 2011

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Well I recently moved down to university in Portsmouth and conveniently my room in one of the uni halls looks onto Zurich building! After finally working out that it was in fact Zurich house through a quick glance on a sober walk to the nearest club I decided to go and have a look.

The way in was somewhat more challenging and I've been left with more bruises than I expected, but the views at the top were definitely worth it even if the interior was somewhat lacking.

The history has been covered many times before, but basically it was an old office block built in 1973, despite having modern slick looks. I think that it's being renovated into flats or a hotel by developer McAleer and Rushe Group.

Finally, a huge thank you to Chrisr86, even though he had been up countless times and he struggled a little more than me on entry :S

South Sea station



Standard Portsmouth landmark, Spinnaker tower


Chrisr86 being much braver than I was!
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