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Report - ZW3 Burnt Farm Heavy Anti-aircraft Battery , Broxbourne, 09/2020


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The ZW3 Burnt Farm Heavy Anti-aircraft battery was an air defence unit of the British Army during WW2. During the war Burnt Farm was separated into two parts. There was a domestic area to the north which included the accommodation and general administration buildings. To the south of the site is the operational area which includes the guns and buildings that housed the gunners and command staff, the power supply, ammunition, communications equipment and targeting devices. In 1940 the site was armed with three-inch mobile guns, later in the war they were replaced with 3.7 inch and 4.5-inch guns.
During WW2 there were 274,900 men in the Anti-aircraft command, helping to protect Brittan from bombings and air attacks.

My day-
Finding this location wasn't the easiest as it took a lot of walking through fields, stinging nettles and thorns. However, despite the pain it was still a nice journey there. When we got there, we realised that the area had overgrown a lot, making it difficult and in some places impossible to get too. It is very clear that no one has been there in a long time and that no one looks after it, this is a shame as the buildings are still in good condition. I am not sure which each of the buildings was used for as it was hard to tell with what little was left inside. This site would definitely be better if the surrounding grounds was looked after better, if all of the thorns could be removed then I would definitely recommend this site. In some rooms there is graffiti and in all there is broken glass and rubbish.



I was unable to get inside this part, my partner was able to and he said that it was just full of rubbish.

The buiding to the south from the outside.

Building to the north.


Inside the first room in the building to the south

Inside the second room in the building to the south

North building from the ouside.