Ushaw College / St Cuthberts - Durham - January 2012

Visited with NickUK

"In June 2011 it was announced that the college's Trustees and Durham University had agreed to commission a detailed feasibility study to identify appropriate future uses for the College"
You've seen this, of course... (

Well... we accidentally this... The seemingly "Secret" or "Live" side...

That'll do me...

After marking off another target in the area, I decided we should head over to Ushaw college to see what's going on over there now, it paid dividends to an extent.

We drove into the site after noticing a convoy of asbestos contractors driving up the main drive, at this point we suspected we may have been too late. The cover of acting like your supposed to be there worked well, we scoured the exterior and the old derelict bit for a while before heading over to the section where the workers were.

I asked for the site manager...

"Hi, Site manager?"


"Hi, My name is "Name" and I'm from "Company" and we've come to get interior photo's for our database"

"Well go on through, right that way"


Well, once through that door, we giggled like little girls in disbelief that my on the spot social engineering actually worked. Anyway, the good stuff...

That last shot, was to be the last. The caretaker of this side of the building wasn't too excited to find out innocently wandering around, "Why are you taking pictures?" "Are you the press?" "There is nothing to see here!"

It was simply fascinating and pictures can't do the place justice, but it was certainly amazing and a tense explore to say the least. There was loads more to see but we saw a lot in our hour or so inside, to say the owner / caretaker was jumpy and nervous is an understatement? Something to hide?