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Report - - Clydach Twin Tunnels, South Wales - November 2012 | Underground Sites |

Report - Clydach Twin Tunnels, South Wales - November 2012

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The tunnels are on the Abergavenny to Brynmawr railway. The original was built upon Baileys Tramway which ran from ironworks at Nantyglo to the Govilon wharf of the Brecon and Abergavenny Canal.

This was converted to a locomotive-hauled railway and in 1862 the line opened from Abergavenny to Brynmawr. In 1877 the line was doubled, and new tunnel bores at Clydach and Gellifelen were made. The new tunnels are the southerly tunnels.

The line was closed in 1958

The eastern portals are on private property and are obscured by trees.

(Bore distances 302 & 330 yards).


More a re-visit as when we first went for a look, we visited during a warm summer evening and found all tunnels on the line to be shrouded in a misty haze throughout which made a complete knarls of every picture. Plan B involved going back at stupid o'clock in the middle of winter which at least solved the haze problem.

Railway Walks have seemingly taken over these tunnels from Redisuary which will make for interesting times for the owners of the land at the eastern portals. They might be able to open a tea-room to cater for all the walkers and cyclists that will be approaching their properties ! Or maybe nothing at all will be done with the tunnels.

1. View down the down tunnel

2. Western portal, down tunnel

3. Eastern portal, down tunnel

4. View back along the down tunnel

5. Calcited midget refuge which would struggle to fit a small child standing up

6. Cross cut to the up tunnel

7. Eastern portal, up tunnel

8. Heading east through the up tunnel

9. Eastern portal light

10. Eastern portal, up tunnel

11. View down the up tunnel

12. Eastern portal(s)

Thanks for looking.

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