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    Report - Southend plane graveyard October 2020

    I have known of this site for a while, the larger of the 2 planes is a Hawker Siddelay 748 and seised operation in the late 50s and was decommissioned. Southend Air Port says that the planes do not belong to them and it has ties to Avro a British Aero division. The planes have been left there...
  2. K

    Report - Headland hotel - Port Isaac - Sept 2020

    Closed in 2011, the Headland Hotel in Port Governe has been left abandoned for over 9 years. Initially the owners tried to sell off the property for £2.5m however a buyer wasn’t found and it’s still just sitting there. Demolition and plans for a new hotel were approved back in 2015, but to date...
  3. Zoemilly

    Report - Wesham Hospital Rehabilitation Unit, Lancashire - July 2020

    So, Sunday night. Spent all day being a slob on COD, decided after tea I should probably sort my life out and get off the sofa. What to do? Oh yeah! My other hobby let’s go exploring. SQUAD ASSEMBLE! Visited with @Mat Joyce and 2 none members. History Can’t find much history online, so if...
  4. LucasLawless

    Report - Cocking Lime Works - West Sussex - June 2020

    Hey everyone, First post here after lurking for many years. Finally got out to do a spot of exploring at Cocking Lime Works. "Cocking Lime Works and its associated chalk quarry are abandoned industrial sites in the South Downs of England. They are to the south of the village of Cocking, West...