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  1. stevewalpole

    Report - st michaels church hall aveley

    Here we have St Michael's church hall Cant find any history on this place but it look like it has been shutdown for quiet a while so I decided to check this place out.as I love exploring abandoned places .here are some photos enjoy. Old entrance. The hall. The stage...
  2. T

    Video Report - Coventry speedway

    Hello everyone we was on our way up to chorley when we thought we would look for abandoned places on the way up and we come across this beautiful place
  3. Forgotten Exploration

    Report - Maes Mynan Hall - North Wales Nursing Home September 2019

    Old nursing home in Mold, North Wales. Most of it is all boarded up now apart from a window at the back of the building. The window was boarded up but previous people exploring have opened it up again so we were able to get in. There's quite a lot still in there including old baths, nursing...
  4. TheMaskedExplorers

    Report - Blenheim Care Home

    1st September 2019 We explored Blenheim care home today which has been abandoned since November 2018. ‘’ Inadequate Care home where ‘stench of urine filled room’ closes down’’ Above is the headline of the local newspapers report as to why this care home was put into special measures then...
  5. Crissisdecon

    Report - The Ropery Inn Pub (Lincolnshire)

    History: this pub has been in business for around 100 years, although there is very little history about the building there are pictures online from the 1940's of the building during a flood. The Ropery inn was closed due to fire damage, when the building caught fire around 15 firemen arrived...
  6. Crissisdecon

    Report - Blenheim Care Home, Hemswell - August 2019

    Not the oldest abandoned building but interesting non the less. The history: Blenheim Care Centres is a nursing and residential care home for up to 80 people in two buildings – Blenheim House and Blenheim Lodge. The home consistent of 35 bedrooms and some flats. It caters for people aged 18...
  7. D

    06/07/2019 - Abandoned Police Station (Brentwood)

    Had a great time going to this abandoned police station. Very easy to get in and surprisingly no security! If they have boarded the building back up note that you can get in if you climb the stairs at the back of the station (to get on the roof) and go through the broken door. The last time I...
  8. stevewalpole

    Report - 1-2 Whitehouse cottages sandy lane essex

    here is some photos of old derelict cottages. I was told the last person an old lady moved out around 1989 so possible been abandoned since then.cant manage to find much history but anyway here are some photos enjoy. the cottages a few years ago. behind view old fire...
  9. J

    Report - Off Road Action Park - Wickford, Essex - May 2018

    History Not really much history on this. It used to be an off road adventure park with climbing, shooting and an army assault course. It was very overgrown and a lot of the race tracks are now grass there are some interesting things here. They were forced to close in Jan 2011 due to noise...
  10. Bernrod

    Information - North Wales Hospital, Denbigh

    Hi everyone I know this has nothing to do with exploring a site however I think a lot of us can agree that the plan for denbigh asylum is an outrageous and stupid one. This is why I have started a petition to somewhat halt or change the mind of those re developing Denbigh. It would mean a great...
  11. R

    Winchester/Hampshire leads??

    Hi I’m new to this website and have recently in the last 2 months got into exploring :) I have visited the chalk tunnels in paulsgrove and today visited a local abandoned farm grain in Winchester if anyone has any places they’d like to share with me that would be great :D thanks!!
  12. novice_strength

    Question - Bangour Village Hospital

    Does anyone have any idea when bangour is due to be converted into houses? Been keeping an eye out online but not seen any confirmation when it will be happening?
  13. _emilyya99

    Ship yard Rochester

    Can’t beleive I’ve gone past this so many times and not even thought about taking a look to see what’s there. Not to sure on the history behind it but took some pictures of the shipyard while exploring. (didn’t have my camera so on me so I had to use my phone and it was pretty dark so the...
  14. J

    Report - Underground Tunnels/Bunkers Portsmouth

    We recently explored the surrounding area here, as it is MOD property there are some strange rules. It seems to be fine to walk through, but the person who told us about this place said if you stand around too long some military police show up and move you on. The areas circled are X2 entrances...
  15. Traceyalex2

    Report - Fullers earthworks, Redhill April 2018

    So I've heard a lot about this place and decided to have a look. Abandoned soil factory in Redhill. This is the first factory I've visited, it was very wet, muddy and pretty trashed. There were quite a few kids hanging around. This was a bit of a sketchy explore as you'd expect from an...