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abandoned block

  1. W

    Wade from woking

    Hi explorers, today’s my 1st day as a member nice to meet you all. I have come across this site to help find a get a rough idea of locations and it’s awesome. I have found a couple of places myself but was unaware of taking photos to upload. I will revisit and get some photos and history of the...
  2. Wappy

    Report - Crown House, Huddersfield, September 2019

    Crown house has done well so far as most of the other building in the close area have been demo`d ie, sports center and block of flats. Iam near sure this will suffer the same fate. Crown House comprises a ten storey purpose built office block constructed in the 1970s being accessed from a...
  3. V

    Report - Abandoned tower block (London, Lewisham)

    Hit up an abandoned tower block in Lewisham last week, check it out here - EDIT We don't host video reports on the main forums, sorry!