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abandoned places leicester

  1. E

    Hello to everyone!

    Hey there everyone! Just wanted to do a post to introduce myself to you all. My name is Ellie, I’m 23 and living in Leicester. For many years I have watched YouTube videos around urban exploring and abandoned buildings, so I finally set out on an adventure myself. I have only visited 2 places so...
  2. lmaosophie

    Report - Pincet Lodge - North Kilworth, Leicestershire, Oct 2019

    Hello all! This is my first report so please be gentle. I know that this place has been done to death and I've seen a lot of reports floating around, but I wanted my first explore to be somewhere local and relatively easily accessible. I don't know anything about the history of this place...
  3. surrwyxalos

    new user, born explorer (leicester)

    aloha, i've been browsing 28dl since my uni days back in 2014, having been inspired by the paris catacombs / nyc subway explorer videos, but there's only so much the east riding of yorkshire can offer, and i abandoned my curiosities! now i'm living in a big ol' city packed full of desolation...
  4. Jake Alan Craig

    Any explorers from Leicester?

    Im looking at taking a trip to Leicester soon to do some filming for my channel, anyone know any good places in or around Leicester, I've already got a few places planned.