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abandoned theme park

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  1. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Camelot Theme Park - September 2018

    History: Opened and established in 1983 however closed to the public in 2012. Camelot Theme Park was originally inspired by the legend of King Arthur and featured medieval-themed attractions and roller coasters such as Caterpillar Capers, Junior Dragon Coaster, Dragon Flyer, Excalibur, and...
  2. ForgottenProductions

    Video - Canada's Abandoned Water Park Resort

    In 2018 we explored this #abandoned water park located in the woods, in Ontario Canada. This place has bee explored by many YouTubers such as Exploring with Josh and others, come and join us as we get eaten by bugs, take you throughout the resort and down the water slides. Update: In March of...
  3. kernow84

    Report - spirit of the west theme park cornwall march 25th update, now demolished

    popped up to winnards perch to see the abandoned wild west theme park, looks like i came a bit late as the whole site has been flattened, new houses being built on the site to extend the holiday resort next door, bit of a shame really , was looking forward to seeing it