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  1. Slippin_Jimm

    Question - Is backdoor still sealed?

    Planning ahead of time - I know approx each/most entrances to box. but as far as i'm aware most are all barred up by hansons. Is backdoor still currently sealed as that would be the likely route of entry.
  2. Zoggy909


    Well its been a while since my last post and thought it high time for another, especially as I feel my photography skills and equipment have improved since the last one! whilst I have been out since I got my head up my arse about bodmin BT radio station and ended up formatting the memory card...
  3. B

    Information - Box mine

    Hi Me my friend and my uncle took a trip down box mine today, We came across 2 lads from Devizes and Bath ( Cousins) I think. They showed us the entrance to Jacks where they had got in. Long story short, on our way out the police we're outside our entrance. We didn't break anything to get in...