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Well its been a while since my last post and thought it high time for another, especially as I feel my photography skills and equipment have improved since the last one!
whilst I have been out since I got my head up my arse about bodmin BT radio station and ended up formatting the memory card (mega face palm!) as I was struggling for creativity on that explore for some reason.
After originally travelling from derby to Chilmark to the tunnel there and discovering it locked up and workers on sight we decided to head to Farleigh down as a recent comment on the urbanexplorer had cleared up any doubt of it being sealed.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the type 22 pillbox and out building that I must say resembled more of a glorified barn beyond repair, but the excitement didn't really kick in until the headlights flickered on and we gingerly crept down the stair way leading to the sorting yard past what I presume where some form of supervising rooms.
Moving further into the main tunnel where conveyor once stood, it began to take a slight incline (my ankles are telling me about it now!)
after "roughly" 30 mins of traipsing over old conduits that have fallen down, cables and the concrete bases of the conveyor supports we reached what we thought was a dead end where it had been blocked up, presumably by the tenants occupying the ridge quarry tunnels (restore I believe they are called)
A closer inspection revealed that a small section just big enough to accept a fully grown adult had been chipped away at and has been cleared of enough debris from the other side to crawl though and up, unfortunately im not a fan of confined spaces and was pushing out of my comfort zone a bit here so left everything behind including the camera so was unable to get any shots of the inside.
the room opened up to roughly a 30x30x150ft space! scarpering across the metal sheeting that had been used to block off the tunnel in sheer excitement at the thought of accessing one of the much lager systems, it quickly became apparent that this was also breeze blocked off and sealed away the gems hidden on the other side. however I was extremely surprised to be hearing what I thought was some kind of alarm or siren from the other side. Here we go....
after standing still for a short while it stopped and a metallic clumping sound of somone climbing onto what ill guess was an electric cart and the engine whiring up as it drove away with a soft beeping every 2 seconds as it went. so I would hazard a guess that it is only a single skim of blocks separating the two areas.
The walk back to the exit was a anxious one to say the least as I was half expecting either police or a few MoD spooks to be patiently waiting on the other side but no such luck and off we went.

I wont regurgitate what's already been written so many times regarding its history as it gets a bit tiring but I have included the link to subbrit so you can have a ganders if your unsure about it but here's my take on Farleigh down.



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That's a very ..... colourful set. Good effort though, it's a proper hike down there to the end and back up again.


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I appreciate the honesty yorrick ive had a slr about 12 months and still quite green on lightroom, but im in that under exposure over saturated phase at the moment. ‍tight squeeze at the business end aswell!
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Thanks grom and 1.8, running the nikon 35mm at the moment, you know how it is with the first ever prime lens and getting stuck on the shallow focus..... cant get enough of it atm

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