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  1. GRONK

    Report - Robert Cains Brewery, Liverpool - December 2023

    December 2023 The Visit Completely by chance, I stumbled upon an entrance to this place while out with Mrs. Gronk on a night out. We usually go to 'Brewery Village', which now occupies most of the brewery's ground floor. It's interesting to mention that Cains, a popular UE haunt in 2014/15, was...
  2. dansgas1000

    Report - Cannon Brewery, Sheffield - March 2023

    Introduction I first visited the site during summer last year but as I was in a rush I didn’t take the camera. This time though, I wanted to return with the camera and get a report up. Visited with @V50jake. Information & History I won’t go into the history in too much detail as it has been...
  3. fastchrisuk

    Report - Cannon's Brewery, Sheffield - December 2022

    I've spent the last 4 years or more driving by Cannon's Brewery in Sheffield looking to see if there was a way in. I know some have managed to get in but I'm built for comfort, not for speed and squeezing through tiny holes is not my thing. So @inksurgeon and I were driving past Cannon's and...