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  1. Grumbly

    Looking for people round my age in bucks/surrounding counties

    Hi, 17 and looking for other people who enjoy a mooch around bandos near me. I have a few sites I'm happy too share if anyone is interested in meeting up in the future once ive gotten into it more. Relatively new too urban exploration but is turning into a fav hobby of mine.
  2. Steake

    Report - Wilton Park Estate Beconsfield - "Wilton Hilton" - Highest point in Buckinghamshire

    This is a site StealthyOne and myself have been wanting to explore for years. The time seemed right a couple of months back, and I figured it's about time to post the pics up. I'll include some links to more detailed info on the site. The Wilton park estate once belonged to the monks of Burnham...