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burnt out

  1. RandomPanicPanda

    Node Court - Codicote - July 2021

    First of all apologies I know this location his been done, a lot… but it’s local and a beautiful (once upon a time) structure that I wanted to visit for a while before it’s (most probably) torn down. I guess it’s interesting to see over stages how quickly a building can be further destroyed once...
  2. Satan_Seeker666

    Report - Glenfield scrap yard Leicester (May 2020)

    So this one I can’t confirm that it’s definitely unused as it has an entry way on a road. But I’ve been several times now and it’s never changed besides this one time I found the remains of a weed farm From trying to work out who it belongs to and anything about it all I’ve found it that it...
  3. WilsonTheHuman

    Report - Annexe Centre/Spiral Arts - Gillingham - June 2018

    The Annexe centre/Spiral Arts centre in Gillingham, Kent. It was a nursery school and community art centre. From what I've found online, it was abandoned in around 2009 and then went up in flames a few months later. That being said, there were a lot of belongings we found still in the building...