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  1. J.J.

    Amateur Photographer in Kent/Canterbury

    Hi everyone, my name is J.J. I've lurked on the forum for a few months and just decided to make an account, when I was younger I used to look through all sorts of abandoned buildings but have only recently got back into it in my adulthood (checked out the abandoned hospital in Gravesend a few...
  2. Llama

    Report - St. Thomas Hill Water Tower, Canterbury, Kent - July 2020

    History: In the 1860s, Canterbury's water supply was drawn from a variety of sources, such as the River Stour and local wells. However, without a filtration system, the water was deemed hazardous and unfit for human use, and could only be used for cleaning purposes. Subsequently, by 1870 a...
  3. Llama

    Report - St Martin's Hospital, Canterbury, Kent - March 2020

    Explored With @TheFerret and @Urbex_fox History: Opened in 1902, and known originally as Canterbury Borough Lunatic Asylum, the hospital was first built to accommodate 250 patients, a much smaller amount than other Asylums nearby. During the first world war, West Sussex County Asylum saw a...