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  1. ForgottenBuildings

    Report - Castello C. - Italy - Jul, 2021.

    History: The construction of this castle got started in the early 1900s, the castle was inspired by regional mediaval castle design. The owner of the castle who ordered it to be built was a young wealthy entrepreneur who made his wealth in the wood and concrete industry. After his marriage he...
  2. J

    Report - France - Château de la Solitude - August 2020

    Presentation : The Château de la Solitude, or Castle of Loneliness, is located in the Hauts de Seine department in France. Surrounded by its own very enjoyable small woods, it now belongs to the city state and its facade is visible to everyone, even though it is surrounded by high fences. The...
  3. B

    Report - Castle Salvanah - Catalonia

    Hi All, its my first time posting on this so im not really sure what the etiquette is (forgive me if its not in a nicely written format). Im pretty new to urban exploring and hope that this will be the first of many posts. so heres the story. I was taking a train from Barcelona to Montserrat...
  4. LostPlacesForgottenFaces

    Report - Harewood Castle Ruins - Harewood, Leeds - Jan 2020

    Harewood Castle Ruins Harewood, Leeds Jan 2020. HISTORY: Harewood Castle is a 14th-century stone hall house and courtyard fortress, located on the Harewood Estate, in West Yorkshire, England. The castle was designed to strike a balance between security and comfort: a mixture of convenience and...
  5. G

    Report - Abandoned "castle", Northern Spain, June 2019

    Been meaning to post these for ages, but only just got round to it! Earlier this year I decided to go to Madrid for the Champions League final, and turned it into a 2 week road trip in my campervan, exploring a lot of Spain. On the way home I came across this place, finding it totally by...
  6. Terminal Decline

    Report - Castle MacGarret, Claremorris, Ireland - February 2019

    History Castle Macgarrett was in the possession of the Brownes family for over five centuries. They were of Norman decent and came to Ireland in the 12th century, before Geoffrey Browne married into the Prendergast family. The old house became unsafe, so Geoffrey and his wife, Mary Prendergast...
  7. HRed180

    Courts Folley

    Does anyone remember this place? Haven’t been since 2012 so I thought I’d return last year but it was too overgrown. I returned this year but had to change my route of access due to overgrowth but it’s well and the same although someone’s been sleeping in one of the alcoves beneath. There are...