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Report - Castle Salvanah - Catalonia


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Hi All,

its my first time posting on this so im not really sure what the etiquette is (forgive me if its not in a nicely written format). Im pretty new to urban exploring and hope that this will be the first of many posts.

so heres the story. I was taking a train from Barcelona to Montserrat and I stopped at a station and I saw a castle in the distance. I hopped off at Colonia Guell station and walked in the general direction of the castle. The castle is abandonded and hidden behind a bush trail. I asked a local at the train station what the name of the fort was and he said it was called Salvanah (not sure on the exact spelling). It was pretty run down but it was extremely interesting to take pictures of it. The walls have degraded on the left so you can easily jump through. Id highly reccomend if anyone is in the Catalan regions to visit.

- BassetHound


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