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  1. C

    General - Tunnels southend my experiences paris catacombs

    Hi all. Good to be hear. I haven't got a terrible amount of experience but been on a couple great missions ..... been down the Paris catacombs twice, great experiences, hoping to go as soon as this s**t is over, not the bits your allowed in..... message me for some stories Climbed to the top of...
  2. LashedLlama

    Report - The Camden Catacombs, London - February 2020

    Visited with @james nichols History: Every day, thousands of people walk the streets of Camden completely unaware of the 19th-century network of tunnels and vaults that lay beneath their feet, and with next to no surface features, this particular network has gone, for the most part, unnoticed...
  3. L

    Looking for someone to explore the Paris Catacombs with

    Alright all, I have been wanting to explore the Paris Catacombs for quite a while now and am looking for someone who knows their way around to explore with. I'm only around from the 15th of December to the 7th of January so a relatively small window. If any of you are up for it let me know. Will