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  1. Mr Budge

    Report - Sidetrack Cavern Castleton - March 2022

    Lying in the abandoned Eldon Hill quarry is a cave which has been known about since around 1994. I first heard rumors of this place one evening in the pub after a midweek caving trip. There was story of a caving group who had gone out to sidetrack one evening and started the long entrance...
  2. CantClimbTom

    Report - Permanent Snow in England (Eldon Hole, End of May 2023)

    Disclaimer: I sometimes chose to explore solo but I am not encouraging or endorsing repeats of any of my trips. Don't turn up to take a look yourself with some old climbing rope and prusiks - you might die. Many caving clubs use it for srt training so contact one of them if needed. Summer Snow...
  3. Stitch

    Report - Gaping Gill - March 2023

    -GAPING GILL- Édouard-Alfred Martel (A Brief History of Exploration) The Portal Nestled in the high planes of the Yorkshire Dales runs the Fell Beck; a small river zig zagging the low points of the rolling hills. After a short run down stepped rocks, Fell Beck dissapears into a gigantic...
  4. Abandoned-Sheffield

    Report - Wapping Mine & Cumberland Cavern, Matlock Derbyshire

    An interesting explore that sadly, we didn't have enough time to complete fully after taking a few detours around the various routes that were on offer. We'll definitely be back here again soon to make it all the way through to the end of Cumberland Cavern. You can check out all my photos from...
  5. Llama

    Report - Quarry Dean Firestone Mine, Merstham, Surrey - June 2020

    History: The Quarry Dean firestone mine in Merstham, Surrey, is just one of the many mines, stone quarries and underground workings that are scattered along the North Downs between East Kent and Surrey, and is also by far one of the oldest. This particular underground stone quarry dates back as...
  6. Ferret

    Cave Rescue - Important Announcement

    Hello everyone I hope you're all keeping well. It should go without saying, but after seeing a couple of people are still venturing underground at the moment, I thought it may be worth mentioning all Cave Rescue Organisations in the UK have asked that we stop exploring underground during the...