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  1. chernobyl_explorer

    illegal visit chernobyl

    A trip to Chernobyl is illegal and the official bus tour is two different things. In the official trip to Pripyat, you will not see the whole variety of places in the zone and you will not feel even a small part of those emotions that can be felt in a real hiking trip to the Chernobyl zone as a...
  2. E

    Report - Drove to Chernobyl!

    Hello! So me and Cameron enjoy exploring abandoned shit, explored a lot around the uk and drove to Berlin and explored some ww2 nazi training camps and a ww2 chemical factory which was also cool. In May we decided to go all out and drive from Scotland (Lockerbie) to Chernobyl..calling in at...
  3. H

    Report - Duga (Woodpecker), Ukraine, August 2015

    Nipped up the old Duga radar antenna while I was working as a tour guide at Chernobyl a few years ago. At the time I made a mental note of exactly how many steps it was, and measured a step, in order to calculate the height. But I stupidly forgot to note the info. Anyway it was a pretty long...
  4. GRONK

    Report - Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, Ukraine - September 2018

    September 2018 I have wanted to see this place with my own eyes since I was a young boy seeing images and footage on TV, I visited for two days with a non member and spent the night in the Chernobyl Town hostel . Despite spending two days in the exclusion zone I can confidently say that we...
  5. Provingdemons


    Do I even need to say anything about this place? Just enjoy these photos taken from a trip I took last February.