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  1. GRONK

    Report - Camelot Theme Park, Charnock Richard - 10 Years Of Exploring The Knightmare

    Legend has it that there is a land, where knights battle for honour, where dragons fly through the air, where you can experience you wildest dreams or your darkest nightmare. Camelot Theme Park was opened in 1983 under the ownership of Park Hall Leisure who also owned the neighbouring Park...
  2. MK83

    Report - Lightoller No.2 Mill/Haslam Print Works - Chorley - March 2021

    History - Lightoller No.2 Mill was built by John Goodair in 1811 and, it was reputedly destroyed by a fire in February 1829 and rebuilt by the Lightoller family. It is the oldest remaining mill in Chorley and one of the oldest remaining examples of a steam powered cotton mill in the country. The...
  3. UrbexTreasure

    Report - Camelot Theme Park - September 2018

    History: Opened and established in 1983 however closed to the public in 2012. Camelot Theme Park was originally inspired by the legend of King Arthur and featured medieval-themed attractions and roller coasters such as Caterpillar Capers, Junior Dragon Coaster, Dragon Flyer, Excalibur, and...
  4. s1ng0

    General - Camelot Theme Park 2020

    Made up to get in this place, we’ve heard of soo many people getting caught.
  5. T

    Video - Park hall house - September 2019

    Hello everyone we was leaving park hall hotel and we come across this beautiful building not sure how many posts have been made on this but it’s a really nice building.
  6. T

    General - Camelot theme park

    Hi guys pretty sure this place has been covered a lot. But we just wanted to make a post on it as we have been here a few times and we’ve been told that soon it will be torn down for storey to build houses on. So might be ur last chance to go check it out. The Knightmare coaster is still...
  7. Clarky1503

    Video - The Old Abandoned Farmhouse - Charnock Richard - Chorley

    The old abandoned farmhouse - Charnock Richard - Chorley - Feb 2018 Unfortunately, I couldn't find a lot of history on this place except that it was possibly once owned by a freemason. The house was brimming with history and there were artefacts at every turn. One of my favourite explores so...
  8. Clarky1503

    Report - Camelot Theme Park - Chorley - Feb 2018

    CAMELOT - Theme Park - Photographic Report - Feb 2018 This abandoned resort and theme park is located in the English county of Lancashire. The park's theme was based on the well-known story of King Arthur and the Knights of the roundtable After numerous takeovers, the theme park was...