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  1. Seffy

    Report - Haymarket Premier Inn, Bristol - February 2017

    Rooftopping in Bristol - The Haymarket Premier Inn (City Centre) One of the tallest buildings in Bristol just so happens to be this - a rather grotty looking Premier Inn hotel. Construction started on the building in 1969 and it opened in 1972 as Avon House, to be used by the Avon County...
  2. RJMmcr

    Report - liberty living, Manchester-November 2019

    Manchester is throwing buildings up at the minute, and it shows no sign of slowing down. i was bored so decided to have a little climb and the views didn't disappoint! looking towards the town hall views over towards the universities hulme from above owen street towers thanks for...
  3. C

    Report - Quick dash through falcon pottery

    Firstly this isnt a full and complete report or a full explore come to matter, on route to other more mundane appointments i noticed that there was a quick route inside Falcon Pottery in stoke. With a quick dash round and only my phone to hand and ttight on time its a dash round here and there...