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  1. moldandasbestos

    Report - Maldron Hotel Building site, Liverpool - May 2024

    Not sure if anyone on here is bothered about building sites but whey hey Visited in May, situated near the Liverpool One bus station. A rather easy to access building site, previously boasting a crane but that's gone now! Back when the crane was present Unfortunately I have no other photo's...
  2. moldandasbestos

    Report - Stanley Dock Tobacco Warehouse Crane, Liverpool, April 2024

    Tobacco Warehouse, Stanley Dock Completed easily, sparked up 6 police cars as we were leaving.
  3. V

    Report - Crane climb (Near The Bullring), Birmingham

    Report from my first crane climb awhile back. Not sure if crane climbs are allowed on here but it fits with the high stuff tag. At the time it was the tallest crane In Birmingham. Didn’t realise it at the time but there’s a security office next to it. No problems with security or police...
  4. Stitch

    Report - The Scalpel - London

    The Scalpel – 2016 Bloody hell this was a cold one. “The Scalpel is a commercial skyscraper in London, United Kingdom. It is located on Lime Street in the City of London financial area. Originally a nickname but subsequently designated as its official name, the term "Scalpel" was coined by the...
  5. huntez99

    Report - War Department 63063- Forgotten History - Train/Crane 1540

    So to begin with I started off my research by reading the report from @Imba. Which may I just say is a fabulous report and an amazing read, with some amazing pictures. I hope that with my report and the report from @Imba you can see a good contrast between day and night with the images I am...
  6. Llama

    Report - Kingsnorth Coal Loading Jetty, River Medway - July 2020

    History: Kingsnorth Coal Loading Jetty in the River Medway, although officially named Oakham Ness Jetty, was built in 1964, as part of the construction for Kingsnorth Power station, which was to become operational 9 years later in 1973. The jetty itself was built 1.2 miles out into the estuary...
  7. Llama

    Report - Finsbury Tower, Islington - London, June 2020

    Background Information: Construction on the Finsbury Tower in Islington, London, first began in September 2018 and is set to be completed by August 2021. Originally, the site was home to an old disused 1960's office block, but with the need for space in London increasing daily, the construction...
  8. M

    Video Report - Grosvenor House Climb, Norwich, Norfolk

    This is my first post so try not to be too mean I know what you guys round here are like. Anyway this is my tallest climb to date and caused a massive kick off when it was discovered by local press Enjoy!
  9. CallumRB97

    Report - Midnight Chelmsford Crane Climb!

    So I'm not sure where to deem this as a fail or not... I climbed the crane, got to the top! But on my way down police turned up, surrounded the area and had to do a runner! Pictures aren't great, but I am going to tackle the climb again soon! - were taken using an iPhone 5! Next time will...