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  1. L

    Report - Update: Indorama polymers /Eastman blow-down, Workington.

    The death of one of my favourite local buildings, ( the size of it, you didn't have much choice but to like it..) (Courtesy of D Hughes demolition.) Commissioned in the late eighties, initially as Eastman Kodak co & later acquired by Indorama ventures. This imposing plant has dominated the...
  2. Provingdemons

    Report - Flass house, Mauld Meaburn, June 2018

    This was an awesome explore, we turned up around 9 at night to avoid the house next door noticing us drive on their property, and we parked right at the main gate. Sign said warning security dogs lol yeah right. So we climbed fence made our way round back and got in. The house was used to grow...